From small to big projects, Climate Control Systems in Hickory can help you with a diverse list of electrical needs. There are lots components to an electrical system, and our professionals will be able to confirm everything has been installed safely and meets code requirements. Sleep soundly and hire a professional to ensure your electrical system doesn’t cause potential problems down the road.

Our licensed professionals can chat with you about your project or repair, and provide the range of electrical services we offer. Play it safe and give us a call at 828-283-0369 to discuss your electrical system options! We promise you’ll be satisfied, and confident, with the end result.

Electrical systems can be a little tricky—and it’s critical to confirm everything is up to code and meets all the safety requirements. But don’t be concerned. The technicians at Climate Control Systems can help you with any size project and make sure the installation goes smoothly and is done correctly.

We want to make sure you are confident with the completion when it comes to your electrical system, which is why we strongly encourage you to let us share our range of electrical services. Whether it’s a repair or a brand-new project, we’ll make sure you are on the right track. You can reach us at 828-283-0369 and we’ll be ready to help you out!