The last thing you want to stress about during winter is whether your furnace is going to be able to keep you warm. Climate Control Systems has a range of energy efficient choices that will put your mind at ease and could save expenses on your energy bills!

The needs vary from household to household, which is why we offer a selection of models from a variety of brands to get the best solution for your needs. We’ll help make sure you find the best brand to meet your home comfort desires. From variable speed motors to enhanced technologies, you’ll be stunned at the impact our furnaces can have on your indoor comfort!

We’ll also help you determine which size furnace you need. It’s key to make sure you don’t choose a furnace that is too small or too large, which can result in a challenge in maintaining your home comfort or unnecessarily large energy bills.

Because every house is unique, we recommend having an expert come out to conduct a load calculation to determine which size is correct. This process includes reviewing the size of your indoor space, your windows, how well the home is insulated and further factors that help make sure you get the proper size. Once we understand the best size, we’ll walk you through the potential cost and which products you should be taking a look at.

If you’re ready for increased comfort, decreased energy bills and fewer temperature swings, give us a call at 828-283-0369 and our team is ready to help! If you aren’t ready to make the jump yet or your heating system is not past its prime, we can also provide repair and maintenance to make sure your furnace is working at its best!

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