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Air Conditioner Installation in Hickory

Investing in a new air conditioning system goes further than finding the greatest AC for your residence, comfort needs and budget. After all, if you are making the investment in a brand new AC, take the time to have it set up by a professional to ensure you get all the rewards out there. The pros at Climate Control Systems are trained be certain the air conditioner installation process is done the right way the first attempt. Besides, who has patience to deal with air conditioner hassles?

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One of the more familiar questions we get when it comes to a new AC installation is, "What should I prepare for when installation day arrives for my new air conditioner"? To that, we arranged this snapshot of the big day:

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Pre-Installation ahead of your exciting installation day, one of the trained technicians from Climate Control Systems will ensure the selected system is the perfect size for your home and verify the installation area is clean and available for a simple installation. Testing once everything is hooked up, the HVAC specialist will check that the AC unit is making cold air, inspect for duct leaks and measure airflow, making all needed modifications.
furnace repair furnace repair reduces energy bills
Installation – once the technician arrives, they will make sure the air conditioner is placed accurately, stabilized and has the right level of clearance. Then, the technician will install the piping and wiring and get your system ready for a final examination. Explanation – throughout the process, your technician will be available to describe all of the steps they are taking to position the system in working order. They will also give guidance to help you understand all of the advantages of the new AC as well as how often you are recommended to check it.

When it comes to air conditioner installation, the expert team at Climate Control Systems is standing by to provide quality service and ensure the installation process is simple so you can get back to savoring the pluses of your new air conditioner. Our team is NATE-certified and we are entirely licensed and insured to take your air conditioning system installation to the next level.



When you trust pros like those at Climate Control Systems, getting a new AC installed means you can rely on:

  • Comfortable Operation: expert air conditioner installation means that your system is installed and operating as it should be, leaving you with comfort for your whole family.
  • Dependable Operation: picking an expert like those at Climate Control Systems to install your AC unit means that it will be installed correctly and will be performing as it was supposed to.
  • Attention to Detail: professional installation of your air conditioner means you will not have to worry about steps being missed or neglected, and once the process is complete, you can expect a nice comfortable home.

Whether you're shifting into a new home with an ancient air conditioner or you've simply used yours until it burned out, our team of professionals is qualified to help make buying an AC straightforward. Feel free to give us a call at 828-283-0369 or set up an appointment online and we’d be more than happy to talk with you about the air conditioners we have and our installation process.



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